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Conexión: por los animales el planeta y la salud – Creando Conexión

Date grant awarded: 01/10/2018

Conexión: por los animales, el planeta y la salud is an animal rights organization, co-founded by María del Carmen Pérez with friends and volunteers of Monterrey, NL, México. The organization was born out of the desire to carry out effective actions to promote veganism. We seek to generate in a positive way a greater respect for the animals and to help people to easily make a transition to veganism. We believe that human animals seek to make the world a better place for all; and with the correct tools and information, they can more easily approach eating a plant-based diet and respect for other sentient beings. In Connection we know that children and young people are great agents of change, that is why we have worked with schools carrying games, information, food and various activities. We also consider it important to show the information in a friendly and interesting way to achieve greater results, so we have organized and participated in events promoting veganism in that way.