Women characters in comic books, as well as female writers of comics, are poorly represented and the comic industry is still largely a male dominated space. In May of 2015, the Denver ComicCon came under scrutiny for their all-male panel about women in comics.

Though there is a burgeoning movement geared toward making the comic world more female-friendly, there is still a lot of work to be done. ComiqueCon, a one-day event, celebrates the work of female comic writers, introduces readers to amazing artists, and highlights the need to continue increasing representation of women in comics.

The women, both fans and writers deserve to know there is a place for them in the comic world, just the same as any profession or passion. It broadens the professional options available to talented artists and creates a more welcoming community for a growing and diverse audience.

“We hope, given the interconnectedness of today’s society, that ComiqueCon will be a voice that is able to draw attention on a larger scale to the need to increase the presence of women in the comics industry.

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GRANT AWARD DATE: December 17, 2015