Colette Chen - Project Lighthouse

Colette Chen, Project Lighthouse

Date grant awarded: 3/16/2017

Project Lighthouse aims to take a step in breaking the cycle of homelessness in Los Angeles by providing underprivileged children with the basic resources, knowledge, and skills they need in order to make a change in their lives and in others’ as well. Through this high school club, members work to create a solid foundation for the homeless youth so that they can have a concrete chance for success. Founded by high school student Colette Chen in 2017, Project Lighthouse serves to better the lives of LA homeless children by cultivating their knowledge in proper hygiene, nutrition, communication, and fundamental reading skills.

San Marino High School students are offered the opportunity to visit local non-profit organizations to not only improve these children’s lives, but to create meaningful relationships with them. Designed to inspire others to make a change in their community, Project Lighthouse helps to introduce the crucial issues that occur in today’s world, such as poverty, to its high school members, ultimately, increasing their awareness and building a more compassionate perspective within them.