Colectivo Teocintle, Paty y Blanca – Environmental Education for All Compost Program

The Environmental Education for All Compost Program addresses the awareness of people through environmental education. We aim to generate an active environmental awareness with different activities how the urban community garden where we promote the planting of some organic vegetables for self-consumption where we address the issue of food sovereignty and we also promote that people take responsibility for their waste so we currently want to work on an organic waste management plan to produce our own compost.

I think that a better world it is possible and I love to be part of the change. Our work contributes to generate environmental awareness, produce our own food, strengthen the social fabric, contribute to the care of green areas in the city, and generate a positive change for all.

The initial grant from The Pollination Project allowed us to lay the foundations of our educational project. We were able to invest in materials and tools that facilitated the development of our work and also the most important, we gained the exerience of providing different environmental workshops.

With this new support we want to increase our impact in the community of Santa Margarita and focus on the issue of waste management as it is one of the most challenging environmental problems. We seek to strengthen the compost area, involve more neighbors of the neighboor, and continue generating environmental awareness workshops on waste management for that more people are responsible for the waste they generate.