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Clement Awanfe Ngueto – Our Diversity Matters

My work as a leader within my organization Global Compassion is to save young people from being subject to radicalization and terrorist recruitment in Cameroon by bridging cultural barriers to ensure people lives in harmony with respect to each other’s cultures and faiths. My team and I are developing activities such as dialogue for mutual understanding; seminars to train young people, and campaigns to reach out to people through door to door, and media outreach.

The use our work is the way we are reducing young people from radicalisation, creating friendships and love to keep them as one global family with respect for each and everyone. Global Compassion is now the power of social change in Santchou, where useful ideas are taking place with no doubt that we are the leading local organisation doing the best for social change people are looking for. People should know that young people are the future of our countries or nations and their involvement in terrorist acts or radicalizing their selves can create a big breakdown to our societies and we have the right to fights against this.

The initial seed grant from TPP has served my team and I to empower young people and other adults in Santchou through learning and social changes: Initialy we had less experience to do things the right way but TPP helps financially to overcome different challenges, to rise in our approach and now we have much to give back to people we care of with more experience we have and what we have learned. This impact grant award will allow me to develop more activities in my community to reach out to more young people; create safe environment were people lives in harmony with love as a lead, away from conflict and radicalisation.

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