Claudia Bicen, The Hospice Project

Claudia Biçen is a self-taught British artist living in San Francisco, California. With The Hospice Project, Claudia shares the stories of hospice patients with drawn portraits and audio interviews.  By sharing stories of people who are living through what scares them the most, Claudia hopes to dispel some of the darkness that fuels that fear, so society can learn to live from those who are dying.

The Hospice Project involves creating a multi-media exhibition that includes transcriptions of the lengthy interviews whereby strings of text will be intricately woven into a portrait to make up the subject’s clothing. These portraits will also be accompanied by short 3 minute edits of the audio interviews (one of which can be heard in the accompanying video). Claudia started this project six months ago, and will be continuing to work on it over the next year.

Claudia further explains, “I am starting this project because I believe that a compassionate and honest confrontation with death is fundamental to our ability to be able to live life to the fullest. By creating an intimate portrayal of that which is largely kept hidden in our culture, I hope viewers will be inspired to consider their own life and what really matters to them.”

The target audience is wide in scope and background, and Claudia intends to show the work in a variety of locations. She has been offered to exhibit the work at Laguna Honda Hospital, at a couple of the hospices she is working with, and will publicize the project through her hospice partner websites. In addition to this, she will also be putting together at least one exhibition at a gallery in the Bay Area.

Funding from the Pollination Project will be used for expenses such as website creation, professional photographs, promotional materials,and travel costs.

To learn more about The Hospice Project, visit their Website and Facebook page.

GRANT AWARD DATE: January 13, 2015