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Claudia Bernardi, The Disappeared are Appearing (2015 Impact Grant)

Claudia Bernardi is an artist, human rights activist and teacher who leads collaborative mural projects with communities affected by violence. The Impact Grant Award will fund the creation of Labyrinths of History at the Border, a project developed and created by 40 to 50 undocumented, unaccompanied Central American minor immigrants, ages 13 to 17, incarcerated indefinitely at a juvenile detention center in the US. The project allows the incarcerated youth to tell a visual story of their turbulent, if not traumatic, illegal transit from poverty and violence experienced in their countries to the unknown challenges of being in the United States; the final product will be shared widely all over the world as a way to educate the public about the issue of incarcerated, undocumented children.

For more information about The Disappeared are Appearing, visit their website.


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