Chukwuebuka Obimma - Light For Education

Chukwuebuka Obimma – Light For Education

Date grant awarded: 02/03/2018

The “Light for Education” project creates a more sustainable future for our planet by educating and empowering students in Nigeria to learn about smart energy to create a better future for all. The project educates youth about the importance of solar energy and how it plays a crucial role in education and sustainable development in Nigeria. Without energy, young people cannot study after dark, compromising their education. Without education, they have fewer future prospects. According to reports by the World Bank and International Energy Agency, over 60% of public primary schools in Nigeria lack access to electricity. Nigeria has approximately 10.5 million out-of-school children, making it the highest number of out-of-school children in the world. The quality of education is one of the critical factors affecting the development and learning achievement of young people. This project will provide solar energy products and services to improve education for youths in off the grid communities. Through the “Light for Education” project the goals aim to improve outcomes in school performance and enable broader social and economic development of communities by sharing the health risks and dangers of using kerosene lanterns while providing youth opportunities to excel in school.