Christopher Zambira, Promoting Animal Kindness Clubs in Schools (PACKS)

Christopher Zambira saw an opportunity to share an issue that’s close to his heart with his students. As a social studies teacher at the Mkomachi Community secondary school in Malawi, Christopher has started educating his students about animal welfare by starting an Animal Kindness Club.

“My passion for animal welfare is derived from the fact that most Malawian societies do not value animal welfare as an important aspect, thus a lot of animals go through various sufferings and torture without any humane treatment,” he said. “As a teacher, I thought I could do something by providing a participatory and sustainable humane education project that stimulates students understanding of animal welfare issues in a way that aid their learning of the society.”

Christopher’s club swelled to 50 members after he spoke about his passion for animals and sustainability at a school assembly. He now wants to replicate his success at nine other schools. He’ll train other teachers as leaders and provide students with educational materials that he’s putting together himself.

GRANT AWARD DATE: July 7, 2014