Christopher Zambira, Promoting Animal Kindness Clubs in Schools

Christopher Zambira is an educator and animal advocate in Malawi. He gave an inspiring talk at the secondary school where he teaches, which led to 50 of his students wanting to start an Animal Kindness Club.  Using this success to replicate more clubs, Christopher created a curriculum and teacher training to inspire and educate teachers to host Animal Kindness Clubs in their schools.  These clubs include information about animal abuse, animal protection, how to transport and care for animals.  Using his first Pollination Project grant, Christopher offered a training where 48 teachers showed up and have since formed 30 clubs, reaching approximately 1,500 students.

Christopher explains that his work,  “imparts a compassionate attitude and an understanding that animals are sentient beings, contrary to cultural and traditional understanding that animals don’t have feelings like humans.”

Christopher will use his impact grant to translate the curriculum and distribute it more widely, provide more teacher trainings, and offer a field trip to Kasungu National Park where student leaders can learn about the elephant poaching crisis first-hand.

GRANT AWARD DATE:  2014 Impact Grant