Christina Nieves

Christina Nieves MSN, Survivor Journeys – Christina Nieves Expressive Arts & Cancer Survivors Project

Date grant awarded: August 17, 2018

Christina Nieves’ Expressive Arts & Cancer Survivors Project will be offered to participants of community cancer survivor groups at Survivor Journeys™.
Founded by Dr. Jay Burton DO, primary care physician and cancer survivor; Survivors Journeys™ is a community-based support network of professionals from diverse clinical and community backgrounds who provide survivorship services to cancer survivors and caregivers in western Massachusetts and northern Connecticut. As an artist and nurse practitioner, Christina sought to offer an expressive art experience, which has been demonstrated to improve quality of life in those dealing with a cancer diagnosis.

Funding from the Pollination Project will support the purchase of art materials for proposed current and future expressive art groups. Donating a well stocked, mobile “Art Cart” will ensure sustainability for future expressive art groups at Survivor Journeys™. Participant’s perspectives from these experiences will be utilized to tailor future art groups and contribute to the overall body of knowledge supporting the therapeutic value of expressive arts. Funding will subsequently make possible the dissemination of this experience to the larger nursing and medical communities thereby supporting the development of evidence-based tools for replicating future expressive art interventions across the globe.