Christina McDougall, Glean, IN: Central Indiana Farmers Markets

Indiana imports 90% of its food supply, however, quality food at farmer’s markets is often unsold and either tossed in the garbage or turned into compost back on the growers farms. Christina McDougall found a way to provide an outlet for Indiana produce growers to donate high-quality grown food and to increase local access to produce in local low income communities.

With sixteen years of experience in education, outreach, engagement, marketing and fundraising, Christina, along with a pool of volunteers, will operate a new collective through Glean, IN: Central Indiana Farmers Markets. A collaboration between the Indy Hunger Network and a network of Central Indiana farmers markets, the program is geared to help and encourage Indianapolis and Marion County farmers’ markets to partner with one or more food pantries within their service area. 

Christina has already begun to scale at-market and post-market gleaning, and will continue through 2016. The gleaning activities she has created will lead to a more dedicated farmers’ market-to-pantry partnership that can be scaled citywide and then eventually, statewide.

This Grant will help Christina furnish this project with basic supplies, a website, email and booking services, educational and outreach print materials, a tablet and local videographer services to tell the Glean, IN the story.

For more information on Glean, IN: Central Indiana Farmers Markets  visit their Website, Facebook, and follow them on Twitter.

GRANT AWARD DATE: September 19, 2015