GoVoteMiami @ Main Regional Library VR Training: 50! Miami-Dade Public Library System Branches now know how to register people to vote.

Christina Bracken – GoVoteMiami

Imagine… Registering to vote and keeping your voter registration up-to-date is as easy and normal as checking out a library book, going to a neighborhood clinic or visiting a thrift shop. That is what we set out to do with GoVoteMiami.

Did you know? The National Voter Registration Act mandates that publicly funded agencies who offer public assistance include voter registration with every core service. It’s one of the most comprehensive piece of voter-rights legislation that no one has ever heard of. It is unfunded and unenforced. We help pubic agencies live up to that mandate.

We do this by training, and explaining. We motivate. Did you know that vote by mail almost doubles voter participation? GoVoteMiami offers person-to-person voter registration training, awareness campaigns, info material and updates. Our training video helps with continuous education and new hires.

In 2019 we trained the staff in 50 branches of the Miami-Dade Public Library System on voter registration. Now we’ll make our “NVRA Training Deck” portable to the other 66 counties in Florida – and hopefully beyond. We promote the vote through voter registration, keeping it up-to-date, vote-by-mail applications, and asking questions. As a result, voting should be something everyone does. Every day. Everywhere. All the time.

Democracy only works when we participate.