Christina and a hen who was rescued during the 2018 Animal Liberation Conference in Petaluma, CA.

Christina Berg Renzi – Farm to Life

After learning from local farmers and other international activists how hard it is for small farmers to leave their current job of exploiting animals, and find alternative ways of farming, I was eager to offer solutions and change the existing system for both human and non-human animals suffering from it. That is why I founded the online platform Farm to Life, a worldwide multi-lingual online platform with listings of organizations who can help farmers wanting to transition to animal-free farming or sanctuaries.

As someone who devotes their work and free time to animals, I have little financial resources to get the project started, however thanks to the seed grant from The Pollination Project, I will be able to build a professional online presence and get started as a non-profit. The non-profit status will allow me to source funds to train country-specific ambassadors to translate our content, and also help farmers in their native language directly, providing financial support for farm or sanctuary conversions where subsidies or other means are lacking.