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Christian Onofua makes shoes.

Christian Onofua, Shoemaking

Christian Onofua lost his parents at an early age, resulting in no educational support. Combine this early challenge with his physical disability, and he was quickly losing confidence in himself and his future. He was on the verge of hopelessness when a man instilled in him the skills to make shoes, which changed the course of his life. Christian wants to ensure others do not feel hopeless and thus has created his Shoemaking project in Uromi, Nigeria. His overall aim is to address poverty and provide economic empowerment to youth. He will accomplish this through training and offering disadvantaged youth the skills in shoemaking and business skills.

Youth from the Uromi community will be served in the project and have been sensitized about the goals. “I aim my work at youths because they are the strength of the community. If the youths are engaged with business activities, the community will experience more peace and harmony.”

The project will create credit rotation systems among the participating youth. Beneficiaries will enter into an agreement to return the invested money plus a nominal interest within twelve months, allowing the program to continue. The community is supportive and eager for Christian’s project and have offered him a space to use free of charge. Funds from The Pollination Project will allow him to purchase sewing equipment and durable materials for production.

When asked about the need of this project, Christian explains that no shoe factory currently exists in the community and that his fellow people travel to other communities to mend and buy shoes. This particular project will bring relief and resources to the people.

For more information about the Shoemaking project , please visit their website.

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