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Chioma Nwigwe – Early Genius Montessori

My name is Chioma Nwigwe and I am the founder of Early Genius Montessori home-school based in Lagos, Nigeria for less privileged children aged 2-6. Using a US- based curriculum,our school is focused on harnessing the genius in every child and nurturing every child’s individuality and innate desires to learn. The Montessori method of education gives the children an edge because it is based on self-directed activity,hands-on learning and collaborative play. In addition to academic work, children engage in music classes,arts, science and recently coding classes have been introduced. I chose to use my home and resources to nurture children living in my community whose parents, because they are poor, could not send their children to nursery school.

Early childhood is a time of tremendous physical,cognitive and socio-emotional development. The emotional, social and physical development of young children(aged 2-6) has direct effect on their overall development and on the adult they will become.It also serves to prepare these children for their transition to elementary school. If they miss this period of school, it would be difficult for them to adjust when they get into elementary school. This project started when I observed that some children (aged 2-6) living in my neighborhood would stay at home while their parents went to their businesses (they are mostly traders) . Others parents will take their children with them to their shops and the children would spend the whole day there. When I inquired ,I was told that the children wouldn’t attend school until they are 6 years old because their parents could not afford to send them to (private) nursery schools in the area. They would wait until they are 6 years of age to attend the (government) elementary school . Because I home school my own children,I requested for these parents to send in their children to learn alongside my children and this was how the Early Genius Montessori was birthed.

Funds from the The Pollination Project will enable us buy gas for powering the generator, pay for internet subscription, and buy some textbooks and a tablet for learning purposes.