Chiara Eisner - OncArt, Inc.

Chiara Eisner and Julia Shivers, OncArt, Inc.

Date grant awarded: 07/06/2017

Chiara Eisner and Julia Shivers co-founded the international nonprofit OncArt, Inc. in Boston, MA, to create illustrated health education materials by connecting clinicians directly with artists. These materials are designed especially for people in low-resource regions where advanced rates of disease are high, literacy levels are low, and clinicians may not speak the same language as their patients.

Implementing its concept, OncArt’s responsive web application offers both a trademarked collaborative design tool and an open library of shareable health literacy materials, available for translation in 150+ languages. By mobile phone or other device type, clinicians request art for health messages, artists upload original art to these messages, translators add new versions, and anyone can print or send materials from the library.

In its first year, OncArt partnered with clinicians and artists to debunk local taboos with accurate health information for Swahili speakers in eastern Tanzania; Runyankore speakers in southwestern Uganda; and Hispanic immigrants in Lawrence, MA. With the launch of, OncArt invites all visitors to contribute to its mission—“Art for health literacy, everywhere”.