Charles Orgbon, Young Environmentalists Youth Summit

Charles Orgbon is the founder of Greening Forward, a youth-led environmental action non-profit organization that works to establish, engage, and empower a youth-driven global movement of people for the protection of the environment.

Each year the organization hosts a youth-driven capacity-building conference known as The International Young Environmentalists Youth Summit (IYEYS) where young changemakers are given the opportunity to hone the skills they need to create social and environmental change.

During the second annual IYEYS conference (scheduled for May 13-14, 2016), 300 youth will gather in New York City. The conference will feature over 20 breakout sessions and workshops where attendees will engage in discussions addressing the diversity deficit in the environmental movement, on using media to share environmental campaigns, engaging elected officials, and much more. In addition, the conference will include tours of environmental justice sites, exhibition tables for more than a dozen community organizations, and provide four $500 grants underwritten by the New York City Department of Education to youth-led IYEYS inspired projects.

Charles states, “Through programs such as IYEYS, Greening Forward helps unleash the potential that every young person can add towards creating a more sustainable, equitable world.”

In recognition of his efforts, we are proud to award Charles with a Youth Environmental Grant provided through our partnership with Levi Strauss & Co.

For more information on IYEYS, please follow Greening Forward on Instagram, Facebook, or the organization’s website.

2015 YOUTH ENVIRONMENTAL GRANT RECIPIENT in Partnership With Levi Strauss & Co.