Carson Dann

Carson Dann, RoofBuzz

Date grant awarded: November 5, 2016

Life in the city is tough for our vital, often overlooked, pollinators. Facing heavy use of pesticides, urbanization and concretization, noise, traffic, and pollution, it is no surprise that pollinator numbers continue to fall.

However, on the campus of the University of Georgia, a safe-haven awaits! For Environmental Systems Major Carson Dann a small rooftop garden, currently used to produce food for community food sharing programs, is ideally placed to provide respite from the surrounding hazards, and allow for a safe corridor across the busy university campus district.

Carson, who currently volunteers to lead tours of the garden, has a vision for the garden as not just a pollinator wonderland, but also a hands-on opportunity to give students at UGA a real sense of the beauty and importance of pollinator species. Students and visitors from the wider community will be taught about the decline of pollinators, and will be educated on ways to plant for and mitigate impact on pollinator species that can easily be extended beyond the rooftop garden.

UGA student and Youth Environmental Hub member Charles Orgbon connected with Carson through their respective work with the campus Sustainability Office, and says that he has chosen this project to support with a flow fund due to the huge potential impact offered by the combination of action and education.