Carolyn Mullin, National Museum of Animals and Society’s Oral History Project

BillDyerandCarolynMullinCarolyn’s project is part of the mission of the National Museum of Animals and Society, which enriches the lives of animals and people through exploration of our shared experience.  The museum collections include humane education, animal protection history and animal studies.  It is currently operating in a mobile and online format, but is looking to move into a storefront space in Los Angeles in 2013.  The NMAS Oral History project highlights members of the animal protection movement, vegan entrepreneurs, and activists. Oral history is a crucially important part of the study of any community, especially to researchers.  Oral histories passed down in story form fill in gaps left by the history books while providing other views on the subject at hand.  This project was designed to ensure the animal protection movement preserved its history and important stories of the movement.

Carolyn and NMAS will make these oral histories available on their website and through other venues such as YouTube so that many people can benefit from this project. The project is a pilot project initiative by the museum’s all-volunteer staff.  Pollination Project Funds will be used to buy recording equipment needed for volunteers to conduct the interviews, capture the stories, edit them and make them ready for widespread distribution.