Carly Wilson

Carly Wilson – Rubber Jellyfish – The Movie

Grantee Name: Carly Wilson
Project Name: Rubber Jellyfish – The Movie
Grant Location: Gold Coast, AUSTRALIA

Funding Partner: Open Philanthropy Project

Project Description: Rubber Jellyfish is an independent documentary film that explores the surprising transformation of a common children’s product – helium balloons – into bizarre, jellyfish shapes when allowed to rise into the atmosphere, either accidentally or as part of a ceremony. This project reveals the unfortunate consequences when these balloons are mistaken for prey by hungry sea turtles, sea birds, and other species. The film also explores the balloon industry’s longtime false claim that balloons are biodegradable and ‘environmentally friendly’. Rubber Jellyfish aims to educate people about this largely unknown issue and put pressure on the balloon industry for misleading consumers and on politicians who in the past have been hesitant to ban balloon release ceremonies for fear of being seen as “the fun police”.

The film is in its final stages and upon completion will be shopped to broadcasters, film festivals, and made available for free to educators with an accompanying lesson plan.