These are our neighbours, they live near the medical clinic, some with their parent(s) and some in the streets and almost all of them have been one of our patients

Carlos Rodriguez Arana, Vanessa Moreno – Shining Star Medical Research Centre

Muhuru is one of the villages that have the highest HIV and malaria infection rates in Kenya due to its geographic location and political isolation. As a consequence, the lack of resources in that region is what makes living in it dangerous. Every day we see people passing from diseases that are easy to fight against, including diarrhea, malaria, and others. Even though there are three hospitals and clinics in the region, none of them have the resources, equipment, and medicine to be useful to the patients. As a result, people exhaust their funds to travel hours to the closest hospital available, increasing the risk of letting the disease get worse while time passes looking for money for the doctor, transport, and treatment.

Completing this process successfully is something that most people living in the village cannot do. As a consequence of that, they try to stay as healthy as they can using other type of resources, such as a Shaman. This is what inspires us to complete a medical clinic in the region. We wish to help the sick save money while giving them the adequate treatment and attention they deserve and have right to.