Canwat Willy explaining to the congregation about MOYAWEA and the rules for the public speaking competition

Canwat Willy – Moyawea Creative Handcraft Project

Through the Moyawea Creative Handcraft Project we want to address the high rate of school dropouts among the girl child, low level of economic activities leading to increased poverty, and the poor performance of pupils and students due to lack of proper public speaking skills, which can be translated in the way pupils write their exams. English is the national language and thus all exams and formal job interviews are facilitated in English and therefore, there is a need for the students and pupils to know how to read, write and speak the language.

We will address this by organizing public speaking competition where the pupils and students will gain the confidence to express themselves and thus prepare for a more successful academic performance, future job opportunities and expressions. Additionally, we will hold public speaking completions, which enable both the students and pupils to gain confidence to talk for themselves and express their feelings. In addition, it will enable them to talk for their rights, such as the right to education. Through the liquid soap making and art and craft works, we will be solving the problem of poverty. This will be economically empowering the community, thus reducing the economic poverty level.

When I was younger, I became a victim of some of the problems we aim to solve. This is what drives me to do this work. My love for social change and development drive me to work towards solving these issues. I truly believe that my team and I will positively impact the lives of many community members through volunteering in sharing with them our knowledge.