Caits Meissner, The Humans That We Are: A Prison Poetry Workshop Tour

When outside visitors come into the prison setting—even for a one-off experience—it brings a taste of home into the walls: a boost of vibrancy, humanization, a sense of normalcy, creativity, hope, and joy. Recognizing the transformative power of arts, The Humans That We Are Prison Poetry Tour is a reimagined book tour from author, artist and community facilitator Caits Meissner, who is leveraging her new hybrid poetry book to bring free creative writing workshops and collaborative readings to prisons, jails, and reentry programs across the United States.

The tour’s approach rests on a strong commitment to sustained impact, partnering with vibrant local organizations such as Voices From Inside, Community Works West and Rehabilitation Through the Arts, as well as offering a project-specific, free take-away creative writing workbook for each participant. This tour works as an arm of long-term prison arts programming, trainings, and curriculum. Caits will continue to engage in the New York City area.