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Caitlin Cove, Sharktopia – Animation for Education!

Caitlin Cove has been focused on the ocean (and its inhabitants) ever since she was a child.

“We are still exploring the unknown depths,” says Caitlin, “while all the while we are ruining the very thing that keeps us alive.” The impact that the oceans have on this earth is frequently played down. Not all people see the need to protect or ‘cure’ what ails the seashore, the reefs, and even the changing tides. But Caitlin is changing that.

Her project, Sharktopia- Animation Education will provide the general public with fun and educational animations that can be watched, shared, and utilized in educational settings, to inform people of ways they can help take care of the ocean. Caitlin will provide a lighthearted approach to tackle hard subjects such as: the amount of plastic waste currently in the ocean, the amount of sharks killed daily, the number of marine populations dwindling, imminent extinctions, and habitats that are being destroyed by oil spills.

Sharktopia will be available in full animation clips as well as longer videos, and will be uploaded to YouTube to be shared worldwide by the end of the year. The Pollination Project grant will assist Caitlin in creating additional animation clips and full length videos to upload to all social media networks, including YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, with certain animations offered via dropbox for schools, teachers and professors to access at their own leisure.

To learn more about Sharktopia – Animation for Education!, visit their Website, FacebookGofundme, and follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

GRANT AWARD DATE: September 9, 2015

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