Caitlin Adler – Project Ropa – Fighting Homelessness in Los Angeles2018-05-30T07:17:31+00:00
Caitlin Adler - Project Narnia - Fighting Homelessness in Los Angeles

Caitlin Adler – Project Ropa – Fighting Homelessness in Los Angeles

Date grant awarded: 02/02/2018

Project Ropa provides the homeless and the working poor with clothing, shoes and hygiene products at weekly pop-up events throughout the Los Angeles area. The organization works with local nonprofits to source those items and deliver them directly to communities where the need is greatest. Without these basic necessities – which deeply affect a person’s physical health and emotional resilience – it is virtually impossible to get off the street and find (and keep) a job. Project Ropa has provided clothing to 1,500 homeless individuals, prom outfits to more than 100 teenagers, and job interview outfits to over 500 people transitioning out of homelessness.

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