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C. Kate Stone – Science Connected

Only 26% of U.S. 12th graders perform at or above grade level in science. Women make up half of the U.S. college educated workforce, however less that a third work in STEM fields. Minority women comprise only 1 in 10 employed scientists and engineers.

We are changing these disparities by creating equal-access science education and open-access resources. This year, Science Connected donors gave free science lessons and experiments to educators, enabled top scientists to share their knowledge directly with the public, and opened doors to science careers for women and other underrepresented groups.

At Science Connected, we work with scientists and educators to provide children with the scientific knowledge that will help them become the informed citizens, leaders, and innovators of tomorrow. We also work with researchers, journalists, universities, and industry leaders to provide cutting-edge research findings to people of all ages who continue to change our world for the better.

This volunteer-powered project creates accessible, reader-friendly science publications and empowers people from all cultural and economic backgrounds to explore their curiosities and make environmentally sustainable changes in their communities. We are a passionate team of scientists, teachers, writers, nature photographers, paleoartists, and nonprofit community organizers working together to produce free and low-cost research-based science education resources. Our mission is simple: to create public access to knowledge of the amazing world of science in which we all live. EVERY HUMAN BEING has a right to become an informed and empowered steward of the planet.

When TPP first funded us, our projects were carried out by 35 enthusiastic volunteers. That number has now doubled. We had given free resources to 350 teachers and parents and set a goal of raising that number to 500. We have since exceeded that goal by giving free science education materials to nearly 600 teachers and parents with limited financial means worldwide. Additionally, we have provided 60 new elementary school teachers in the United States with affordable science textbooks. TPP has made this increased impact possible, and we are eternally grateful for this support of our mission.

In 2019, we are publishing three more science lab manuals for children ages five through nine so that teachers and parents can introduce children to the exciting world of science with top quality resources regardless of their ability to pay. With the generous gift of this impact grant, give our current users twice as many lab manuals as we offer now, as well as expand the population benefiting from these resources by an additional 50%. This funding will empower children to grow up to make environmentally-sustainable decisions that protect the planet for generations to come. Additionally, we just hosted a workshop at the Citizen Science Conference in Raleigh, NC where we trained 20 scientists to talk directly to the public about their important work. The scientists learned how to explain their research to the voting public, invite citizen scientists to get involved with data collection, and practice science communication with our organization. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and we at Science Connected are overjoyed to be at the forefront of removing barriers between the public and the sciences.

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