Bronwyn Miree Witthoft - The Little Black Box Project

Bronwyn Witthoft, The Little Black Box Project

Date grant awarded: 4/19/2017

We all seek to know who we are and where we came from, to have memories and photos and mementos of moments and times that are special to us. This history and ‘knowing’ is what forms every single one of us into the adults we become. Bronwyn Witthoft initiated The Little Black Box Project to address the issue of a nomadic child growing up as just a number in a big system. Every child needs to be well grounded in order to be a healthy adult, one who is secure and has a story and history to share with others.

Our hope is for The Little Black Box Project to achieve this by providing memory boxes to vulnerable children in South Africa. The idea of The Little Black Box Project was born out of the understanding of an aeroplane’s black box. It records events, captures data, preserves the history of a flight and keeps it all safe until it can be retrieved so that the flight can be understood. In the same way we hope that this project will provide children with memories of events, special ‘data’, a positive collection of items to form their history and will give emotional security until the child graduates from the system.