Brihannala Morgan, Tales and Tools for Surviving Activist Burnout

Brihannala Morgan is working on a book titled, “Tales and Tools for Surviving Activist Burnout”. This is a primer that engages anecdotes with concrete tools that have helped activists get through the feeling of exhaustion, despair, and lack of motivation that comes with long-term work on challenging issues. Brihannala notes that within activist communities, burnout is stigmatized, and people experiencing burnout have few resources available.

With over a decade of working on rainforest conservation, climate justice, anti-war and other issues, Brihannala has struggled with her own burnout, and comes from a place of compassion for others. She has been inspired by many of her colleagues in the movement who have gotten past those challenging times. As a trainer, Brihannala states, she is “excited to share this information with other activists who I know struggle with the same concerns”.

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