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Bright Future’s Music

Public schools in Oakland lack funding for music programs resulting in kids lacking mentorship, and accessible affordable music education. Without a safe environment kids in Oakland are exposed to drug abuse, sex trafficking and gun violence. We provide mentorship, and accessible music lessons that are free to low cost to students. Kids will also gain confidence and high self esteem improving their performance in school.

The problems I want to solve is many of the schools in my community lack funding for music programs. Growing up in East Oakland has exposed me to drug abuse, sex trafficking and gun violence. If I didn’t have the music and mentorship to help guide me my future would be as dim as many of my peers who have slowly become victims to the streets. Music saved my life and I want to give back and be the change I want to see in my community by contracting with more public schools to provide mentorship, and accessible music lessons that are affordable in my community. Keeping kids off the streets in a safe productive environment with people who truly care about them will take more time away from them being on the streets and instead in a classroom improving their performance in school.

My music program has helped students recognize their own potential and talent and overcome the fear of being able to express themselves. My class environment was safe and supportive and students were able to get comfortable with one another. I made a impact by bringing my students together through music despite their differences outside of class. I noticed how much confidence my students gained in rehearsals when they started to remember the song lyrics. I also recognized how each student uplifted each other when I gave them chances to perform what they learned in class. When we were getting closer to the winter showcase I noticed how much my students doubted their own talent and it wasn’t until I gave them a pep talk and the support they needed that they were able to face that fear. Ultimately my students impressed everyone at the showcase with great stage performance and intonation.

I plan on using the seed funding to hire more employees on my team, provide field trips, instruments, supplies and workshops for my students. The seed funding in the past has helped my program tremendously because I was able to provide the tools my students needed to be successful such as Instruments. Since I will be having more students in my classes I want them all to be able to play their own instruments without feeling left out. I also want to take them on educational field-trips to recording studios so they can learn how to sound engineer and make beats. In order for me to do that I would have to hire the engineer and book the space. Oftentimes supplies are needed because the student can’t afford it so I want to make sure my students are not only successful in music but excel at school.

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