brenda verano

Brenda Verano – “Buried Treasures”; Reclaiming Our Stories

Grantee Name: Brenda Verano
Project Name: “Buried Treasures”; Reclaiming our Stories
Grant Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA

Funding Partner: California Endowment

Project Description: The “Buried Treasures; Reclaiming our stories” project emerge from a one-time table conversation in late 2017. It is no secret that representation matters, but are people of color cultures, struggles and triumph represented in narratives? This question lead to the emerge of this project.

The project “Buried Treasures”, will provide a space for youth to reclaim their very own stories, to publish stories the world deserves to read. Lead by youth organizer Brenda Verano, participant of 2017 SOUL training and former youth facilitator in the Roots for Peace TEAM, this project welcomes youth of color residing in every corner of LA county from South Central, East Los Angeles to Boyle Heights. It opens door for youth to learn about their heritage, self and community in order to be authors of their own narratives. The project will take youth in a journey of self healing providing youth a space to learn about theirselves, cultures, knowledge and power they carry within themselves. This project will encourage youth to not only find their voice, but most importantly be able to publish the stories that reside within. In the near future these narratives can touch the hearts of many, and be one of very few books published, created and written by youth of color.