Brenda Nakkazi

Brenda Nakkazi – Empowering Adolescent Girls Through Reusable Menstrual Pad Training

Being a woman who has studied in rural areas – due to the economic status of my family – I was embarrassed when blood came out and reflected on my school uniform. Boys laughed at me, I felt uneasy, and I ran back home. We never had the money to buy sanitary pads, so my mother cut from her old cloth and told me to use it. I was so uncomfortable with using it, let alone changing it, which was another problem of its own.

Through Women Arises Association (WAA), a Non Government Organization, I decided that rather than this stopping me, I would let it inspire me to start this initiative to supply reusable sanitary pads to rural schools whose students are from poor families that cannot manage to buy pads.

This project will enable adolescent girls to have constant access to sanitary pads and understand menstrual hygiene management in rural areas of Uganda – and Wakiso District in particular.

This will enable the reduction of girls absenteeism from school, embarrassment due to menstruation periods, becoming pregnant due to a lack of knowledge about menstruation and sex education, and reducing family expenditures on the single disposable sanitary pads, all of which lead to an increased accessibility of other basic needs.