Brenae' Daniels

Brenae’ Daniels, Hands4Ears

Date grant awarded: 02/08/2017

90% percent of Deaf individuals are born to hearing families who never learn American Sign Language, resulting in limited and in most cases, no communication in the home. Bree Jones is an advocate for the Deaf Community and the founder/CEO of Hands4Ears located in Gardena, California. Hands4Ears serves the Deaf Community by working to merge the Deaf and the Hearing worlds together, in attempts to remove the stigmas associated with being Deaf. Hands4Ears offers workshops and customized individual lessons for Hearing people to learn about Deaf Culture, American Sign Language, the do’s and don’ts of interacting with the Deaf, and the many contributions they’ve made to society. In addition to educating the Hearing about the Deaf, Hands4Ears also educates the Deaf about the hearing to assist in building the bridge in the communication gap. Additionally, Hands4Ears works with families who have Deaf children by providing them with various resources needed to help them raise their Deaf Child.