Brandon Guzman - Bambou Soutenir

Brandon Guzman, Bambou Soutenir

Date grant awarded: 4/8/2017

Brandon Guzman, Frandly Seney, and Louben’s Jean-Paul started Bambou Soutenir in Northern Haiti to help promote local development and self-sufficiency. Haiti has been studied countless times over the last few decades and erosion is causing so many hillsides and farms to fail.

Brandon Guzman came up with the idea of re-establishing the soil levels in Northern Haiti when he visited the Nord Department and saw how well sugar cane, a plant that grows very similar to bamboo, was growing.

The project uses bamboo to stabilize the soil and help rebuild substrate levels. Then, native trees can be re-introduced to areas where forests were originally found. By planting the bamboo and helping educate the younger generations on the practices of soil management, they hope there will be more economic possibilities, an ecological stabilization, and a shift in environmental ideology.