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A woman is sitting sewing some cloth.

Bisegerwa Betty, The Women Empowerment Project

According to a national statistic, over 50% of women in Uganda are unemployed. These same women are often seen fetching water, preparing meals and bent over at the hip washing buckets of clothes by hand; all done with a sleeping baby strapped to their back. To give these women an opportunity to gain new skills, Bisegerwa Betty has received a flow fund to continue The Women Empowerment Project in Kyebando, Uganda.

This project empowers unemployed women to acquire hands-on, tangible skills in craft making, which can in turn be sold to provide income. Funds from The Pollination Project will give Bisegerwa the ability to bring in a specialist who will lead the women in a training methodology that enables them to produce these crafts on their own. Furthermore, she can continue to provide all of the materials and equipment to make the crafts, including beads, paper, varnish, dye and local materials.

“Betty is a dedicated and trusted women who cares for others. She helps women come out of poverty and improve their standard of living by turning waste to wealth.” – A Ugandan Grant Advisor


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