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Biketopia Music Collective – Biketopia Music Collective

Date grant awarded: July 15, 2018

The Oakland based, Biketopia Music Collective is comprised of musicians, activists, cyclists, puppeteers, and visual artists mobilizing for climate justice. The collective has made the choice to minimize their dependence on fossil fuels by using their bicycles, not only as a means of transportation, but also to power their concerts. They perform with a sound system that receives its energy from stationary bikes. The audience experiences what it feels like to create energy for everyday electronics, without the petroleum industry.

The Biketopia Music Collective transports 100% of their equipment with their bicycles and spreads a message of peace, health, and consciousness through their performances. The collective supports individuals of all ages to get on their bikes and ride, helping to share the vision of thriving communities independent of fossil fuels.

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