Bertin Menace

Bertin Meance, Lafonbelle Permanent Vegetable and Tree Nursery

Date grant awarded: 05/30/2017

The Meance siblings will work with our native community of Lafond in Petit Goave, Haiti, to set up a permanent nursery to make vegetable and tree seedlings available to small farmers living there. This project is going to address the difficulties these farmers have finding seeds and seedlings of vegetables right in their own community. This will make vegetable production an attractive income generating activity for them.

Besides, hurricane Matthew has destroyed a lot of trees and we will also use the nursery to prepare tree seedlings that will be used to restore and improve tree cover in the area. We, the Meance family, myself Bertin, my sisters Marie, Emilie and Ghislene, my brothers Jacques and Wilbert, with our parents Emile and Romaine believe that we have the responsibility to help our community, to give back to those who have supported us in our education. Some of us are living in Haiti and others in the states. But we are united in the commitment to serve our community. In fact we founded a school in 2002 which now serves more than 400 children. We have also mobilized our connections in Haiti, the US and elsewhere to provide earthquake and hurricane relief to our people.