Bertilla Kemunto, Santa Community Empowerment on Sustainable Resources

A woman stands in the garden

Tucked in the Southwest corner of Kenya is the mountainous and river laden Mosocho, Kisii County. Approximately 95% of all the energy used in households in Kisii are derived from firewood. Three decades ago, a plethora of firewood was available around the homesteads but today firewood stores are barren, causing families to resort to maize stalks and less efficient materials to serve as a replacement.

Bertilla Kemunto and Concerned Mind International have designed the Santa Community Empowerment on Sustainable Resources project to empower underprivileged families and households to reduce the unnecessary cutting of trees. A training center on sustainable natural resource utilization will be created, increasing the community’s accessibility to conservation efforts and the effects of deforestation.

GRANT AWARD DATE: December 6, 2015