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Berry Esoot, Ngora Youth Agro Forestry Project

Berry Esoot

Berry Esoot has been involved in forestry and organic farming projects in Eastern Uganda over the past 20 years.  He explained that many people in his community are unaware of the environmental benefits of trees and how trees impact agriculture and food security.  Berry loves to plant trees (he planted 1,400 trees in 2012) and is passionate about reforestation.

Berry is now involved in a community based organization in the Ngora District of Uganda.  The Ngora Youth Agro Forestry Group is a youth- driven team that will do widespread tree planting, teaching communities about environmental protection, energy saving technologies, and economic gains from trees and tree cover in order to attract rainfall to boost agriculture.  The team will use Pollination Project funds for the first large round of tree planting (they want to plant 700 trees in the next two years).


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