Anne Fields, Lakota Friends Circle

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Anne Fields, Lakota Friends Circle

Lakota Friends’ Circle is a collaborative effort of Anne Fields, Jerome and Theresa High Horse and others.  The group provides basic needs assistance to the Lakota people of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota.  Donations go directly to families or to volunteers who distribute them.

Pine Ridge is located in one of the poorest counties of the United States and has around 80% unemployment, appallingly substandard housing, and widespread poor health. After living and working on the reservation, Anne saw many urgent needs and started Lakota Friends’ Circle.  She works closely with local community volunteers Jerome and Theresa High Horse.

Lakota Friends’ Circle has donated over a ton of clothing to this community as well as sending food, solar powered lanterns, educational supplies, sports equipment, and emergency funding for utility bills, car repairs, and gas. “All of these have made a big difference for the many recipients, but there is still so much more need” says Anne. The Pollination Project funding will be used to install insulation, electricity, and storage shelving in a used tractor trailer unit.  This will create secure storage for donations from several charitable organizations including Lakota Friends’ Circle and will facilitate more efficient distribution of the donated goods.


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