Lucy Athieno - Kisoko Family Health Agents

Athieno Lucy and Abbo Christine – Kisoko Family Health Agents

Date grant awarded: 11/25/2017

The Kisoko Family Health Agents is a community based project designed by mothers from 9 villages of Kisoko sub-county. The project is intended to address the challenges of household hygiene and malnutrition – which are some of the key causes of infant mortality and deaths of children under 10 – by educating and working with the mothers to improve household hygiene and nutrition.

Lucy is a trained nutritionist and a village health activist. She formed the Kisoko Family Health Agents to train and educate more than 20 mothers from 9 villages within Kisoko sub-country about hygiene and nutrition. After the training, these 20 mothers will also educate 10 mothers each, from their respective villages, within Kisoko sub-county so as to improve health and healthy habits within and around Kisoko Sub-county. The 200 target group along with the 21 advocates will stand out as activists and will continuously spread the word to fellow women. The long term vision and goal of this project is to improve on the health habits of rural women in Tororo districts so as to save lives through good nutrition and healthy habits at household levels.