Arun Boudh and Dayamudra Dennehy – Blossom Projects

Date grant awarded: April 2, 2018

Grantee Name: Arun Boudh and Dayamudra Dennehy
Project Name: Blossom Projects
Grant Location: Kerala, INDIA

Project Description: Blossom Projects is an educational residence for young women who have dropped out of school in Kerala, south India, where they can continue their academic study and develop confidence. The students served by this academic program are oppressed due to gender, poverty, and caste. They are not encouraged to study and often lose motivation and confidence. Many drop out of school and find low-paid menial work or get married at a young age.

At Blossom Projects, these female students reside full-time in a supportive environment, where they develop their own unique academic and creative talents. Our curriculum emphasizes communicative English, public speaking, computer skills, the arts and academic mastery. They receive the encouragement they need to return to their studies and address the problems in their families and communities, with innovation and creativity. Blossom Projects is the newest initiative of Jai Bhim International and one program at our alternative learning community, Lokuttara Leadership Academy.