Arnulfo Gomez

Arnulfo Gomez, Afretlain Mayan Genocide Reparation Project

The Afretlain Genocide Reparation Project is an initiative established by indigenous human rights and peace activist Arnulfo Gomez Oxlaj. The initiative aims to build the movement for justice and reconstruction for the K’iche’ Mayan people for the genocide perpetrated against them during the 36-year armed conflict in Guatemala. Arnulfo was the only survivor of a child massacre in his village in which 115 children perished.

The Peace Accords were signed in 1996, yet the holocaust continues; today, the weapons are poverty, malnutrition, illiteracy, marginalization and fear. The people are afraid to speak fearing more violence. Still today, the government denies the genocide. This project addresses this situation by empowering communities to have a voice and demand justice from the authorities by building a case and support locally, regionally and nationally supported by national and international protection actors. Justice means giving people what they need: food, education, opportunity, shelter, health, voice and freedom.