Ariana Huemer, Build a Duck Pond

Last year when someone brought her a duckling who had been dumped at a park in Los Angeles right after Easter, Ariana Huemer became aware of the dire situation involving pets purchased for holidays like Easter. In collaboration with Hen Harbor Sanctuary, Ariana is creating the Build a Duck Pond project to help waterfowl who come to the sanctuary after escaping abusive situations.

Hen Harbor is a non-profit organization started to provide permanent sanctuary to hens rescued from the factory farming. Currently they have 100 permanent residents at the sanctuary. In the past year, they have taken in two geese and several ducks who were dumped at parks, as well as several ducks from a defunct duck-egg farm. With a pond in place, they can accommodate more waterfowl and help save more animals.

“Right now, the sanctuary is set up mostly for chickens. Having the sanctuary properly set up with a waterfowl habitat will help facilitate public education and awareness of the plight of domestic fowl and the commitment involved in caring for them. Basically, sanctuary visitors interacting with the waterfowl in a natural environment will learn that ducks and geese are not toys to be purchased on a whim and dumped,” said Ariana.

To learn more about the Build a Duck Pond project, visit their website and Facebook page.

Funding from the Pollination Project will be used for equipment, supplies and materials.

GRANT AWARD DATE: October 22, 2014