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April Corbo, Sprouting Totowa

Meet April Corbo, a woman on a mission who feels as the population in her community grows more reliant on technology, “the art of growing food and being self sufficient is lost.”

April, along with Co-Leader Hanelori Reilly, started the nonprofit organization Sprouting Totowa to help address the need for community knowledge and to teach members to be self sufficient. They then formed a youth club that teaches children the value of and how to grow their own food, and hold community workshops promoting organic urban farming and sustainability.

April hopes to instill the love of gardening and the joy of giving in all community members. Recently the group was granted a space  to create a community garden or “Suburban Oasis.” A portion of the harvests from this garden will be donated to surrounding food banks and the rest given to families in need to help promote healthy plant based diets. This grant will be used to build a fence around the garden, create raised beds for planting, and to fill the created raised beds with soil and vegetable seeds.

For more information on Sprouting Totowa, visit their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter and Instagram.


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