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Apella Magellan, Greenlife Conservation Group

Apella Magellan is the Executive Director of Greenlife Conservation Group in Buea, Cameroon   (G.C.G), a non-profit working to promote the conservation of biodiversity and human rights throughout the country. GCG’s newest initiative promotes sustainable vegetable cultivation and sound soil management techniques in the Mt. Cameroon region.

As regional populations have expanded, the demand for food crops in urban areas surrounding Mt Cameroon has increased, leading to widespread soil erosion and degradation. In order to keep up with new demands, farmers in the area have begun using unsustainable agricultural methods such as chemical fertilizers, fungicides, and insecticides, all of which have further devastated an already overburdened ecosystem.

Through this project, GCG will produce training materials on sustainable cultivation techniques for distribution to disadvantaged women and children from two villages near Mt. Cameroon. Project participants will receive training on organic vegetable production and soil management techniques that emphasize the use of organic fertilizers.

Apella states, “If this world is to be a better place for all mankind then we must work hard to preserve the environment and alleviate the suffering of the socially disadvantaged.”

GRANT AWARD DATE: October 20, 2015

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