Apah Ivo

Apah Ivo Engul Ema – Community Mobilization to End Child Forced/Early Marriage

Date grant awarded: May 7, 2018

In Cameroon, an estimated 47% of girls under 18 are married – usually against their will. These girls often remain in poverty because they leave school to marry and have no access to income-generating opportunities. They are more likely to be victims of domestic and sexual violence; highly vulnerable to sexually transmitted infections, including HIV; and face a high risk of complications, even death, during pregnancy and childbirth. The Community Mobilization to End Child Forced/Early Marriage project aims to prevent forced marriage by changing cultural values.

Through this project parents, religious and traditional leaders will be informed about the consequences of forcibly marrying off their daughters. This project encourages parents and community leaders to stop child marriage, keep girls in school, and empower child marriage survivors to tell their stories and demand change. The project aims to reach over 500 women, girls and men through community outreach.