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Women carry wood bundles on their backs

Anthony Mwangi, Millennium Community Development Initiatives

Millennium Community Development Initiatives, MCDI, is a local membership organization based out of Karinde, Kenya that works in bringing awareness to the community regarding the utilization of natural resources to alleviate poverty. The group came together after realizing that poor management of natural resources is a main factor of poor economic stability. Furthermore, the group sees a need to protect the environment, as the local government had intentions to sell their land to a foreign investor. Through protecting their space and initiating projects that help preserve the land, MCDI has gained an active membership and following. Of recent, the group has accumulated contributions that have gone towards building a small toilet in the community, charging for usage that allow for project sustainability while increasing hygienic awareness.

Anthony Mwangi and the Millennium Community Development Initiatives are recent recipients of a flow fund, which will allow for them to expand on their hygiene and sanitation projects by installing ten metered, water kiosks in the community. The kiosks will provide clean and safe drinking water at a reduced price, allowing for the electricity needed to pump the water to be covered.

Our field staff notes that, “…the organization has managed to do so much with so little. I think they are a best fit for a grant since they have made great impact.”

To learn more about Millennium Community Development Initiatives, check out their website.


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