Anthony Ayebare, Training 35 Farmers in Organic Manure and Fertilizer 2016-12-11T19:26:01+00:00

Anthony Ayebare, Training 35 Farmers in Organic Manure and Fertilizer

In Kacerere, located deep in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Uganda, is an indigenous tribe that is deeply rooted to their traditions. Anthony Ayebare founded Global Batwa Outreach, which works with the Batwa tribe in creating community based, self sustaining programs that offer food, shelter and life skills. Of recent, the project has been focused on sustainable farming methods and moving away from chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

The Batwa have been identified as among the most vulnerable populations in the world due to limited access to education, food, health care and transportation among others. Anthony is consciously working towards providing his community with sustainable training in organic manure and fertilizer. Since receiving a seed grant, they have acquired the knowledge, resources and tools for vegetable gardening but the participant numbers exceed what is available. As a recent recipient of a $300 flow fund, Anthony will be able to add more seeds and tools that will not only help in cultivation but furthermore the communities wishes or reaching out to more people. The money will purchase fast maturing vegetables offering a quick turnover. He will also allocate funds for farm tools, expanding their work.

Our field staff notes that, “The Batwa live for what The Pollination Project is all about. They were caretakers of the forest before they were evicted and continue to be… To the fauna and to the wild animals they share the space with.”

For more information on Global Batwa Outreach, please visit their website.

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