Anthonita Z. Konah

Anthonita Konah, No Girl Left Behind

Miss Konah, Allenton is the founder of the project, No Girl Left Behind, located in Paynesville, Liberia. There are a total of fifteen members that make up the project and management team. The project will serve as the missing link between general society and the marginalized members of Liberian society by providing them with skills for sustainable livelihood and development.

This project is needed in Montserrado at this time. Since the country has calmed down from the 14 years of civil conflict, there have been several international organizations that have tried helping in many sectors of their society, but they still haven’t seen much of its impact outside of Monrovia, the nation’s capital. To address this issue, the organizers have embarked on this project that will make the women and girls self-sufficient in what they do. This will give them the required recognition they need to participate in national decision- making that will impact the greater portion of Liberian society.

Miss Konah, Allenton has lived in the community for a little over 5 years and she has seen many things going wrong that the national government should handle, but no one pays attention to. She has understood the issues impacting the people that the national government has turned their backs on. As executive director for an advocacy organization, she believes that if their work will impact the lives of the less fortunate members of society, it must start from their neighborhoods. The Pollination Project grant will help them train young women and girls in various skills including, but not limited to, producing baskets (for decoration), using African cloths to design notebooks, and using beads to design sandals and flippers.